Snow Hill Station - 3rd Entrance



Austin Lenika


Station Information & Surveillance System

GRIP Stage


Role & Responsibility

Telecoms Designer and CRE Design

What we did:

MRC Engineering were contracted to undertake the combined GRIP 5 SISS Detailed Design for the third entrance at Snow Hill Station.

Project Overview:

Snow Hill Station project was part of a new pedestrian access to be built on the north side of the station to enable access from Lionel Street and the metro access onto St Chads Queensway. This new access point joined into the existing subway and 2nd access onto Livery street which was completed in 2009.

The Scope for the SISS equipment for this project will be limited to the following:

  • Amendments and enabling of existing SISS assets which are foul of the works site

  • Provision of new PA speakers to the 3rd entrance

  • Provision of new AFIL (PA) to new 3rd entrance

  • Provision of new CCTV cameras to new 3rd entrance

  • Provision of new PHP to new 3rd entrance

  • Provision of new CIS screen to new 3rd entrance

  • Provision (Passive – Cabling only) for new Tram CIS screen

  • Provision of new LAN equipment to provide CCTV connectivity

  • Provision of new LAN equipment to provide access to TOC revenue systems for TVM(s)

The SISS assets throughout the station were operated and maintained by either EMT or TIS. The latter organisation was responsible for assets which are operated by the WMCA (West Midlands Combined Authority) who control the equipment off site from their Summer Lane control room. The new 3rd Entrance assets are part of the system being maintained and operated by TIS/WMCA.

The following equipment is operated by the TOC:

  •  New CIS screens

  • New PA speakers/AFIL

  • New TVMs

The following equipment is operated by TIS/WMCA

  •  New CCTV Cameras

  • New PHP

Passive provision in the form of new Data cabling was provided for the Tram operator (West Midlands Metro).

Our key deliverables:

  • GRIP 5 Detailed Design

  • CRE Design

  • Acoustic Modelling of the new entrance (Third Party Supplier) – Design of acoustic panelling

Project key deliverables/challenges:

  • Integration of existing systems with no impact to the operational station


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