Clachnaharry Swing Bridge



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Station Information & Surveillance System

GRIP Stage


Role & Responsibility

Telecoms Designer and CRE Design

Cadoxton Station

The Clachnaharry project was undertaken to provide CCTV coverage of the Clachnaharry Swing Bridge, both the exterior and beneath the bridge following an ORR Investigation. The ORR required that the operator confirm that there were no obstructions prior to operating the bridge.

What we did:

MRC Engineering were contracted to undertake GRIP 5 SISS Detailed Design for Clachnaharry Swing Bridge CCTV Project.

Project Overview:

Following a wider ranging investigation by the Office of Rail Regulators, it was determined there was a risk that prior to operation, members of the public may be asleep below the brdige. It was therefore determiend that CCTV coverage of the whole bridge would be required to allow the operator to confirm it was safe to swing the briddge for canal / pleasure cruiser boats to enter the Caledonian Canal at Beauly Firth via a sea lock

The Scope for the SISS equipment for this project will be limited to the following:

  • Provision of Hanwhat CCTV XNV-6080 Dome Cameras and XNV-Mini Dome Cameras

  • Provision of Altron Tilt Down Posts and Altron Brackets

  • Provision of Hanwha NRN-1610S NVR, 6U Cabinet and 20" Monitor

Project key deliverables / challenges:

  • GRIP 5 Detailed Design

  • CRE Design

  • Mounting Arrangements to Iron Bridge

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